Moving House


This blog has gotten too loaded and disorganised. So we're moving to a new place, and hopefully be able to sort things out and present to you a less cluttered and more snazzy weblog.

This change also marks the beginning of many more good and exciting things to come.

Visit www.artspc.blogspot.com to see the new home! We're still in the midst of shifting things over, so some links and pieces might be incomplete or have yet to be fixed. Be patient with us!

Project Connect

Hello hello.


Welcome to Project Connect's new virtual home!




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Latest project coming up this weekend. For those of you in Penang, come join us or do some poking around.


Arts Exchange, Boxes Required


New In!

Our first pilot project for 2009: A no-travelling-required arts exchange between Project Connect (Malaysia) and Harrogate Youth Theatre (UK) using cardboard boxes!

The idea is that we will send each other boxes filled with stuff from our rooms, houses, streets, floor: objects and things that have a connection to us and the place we live in.
We'll then post the box across the world and upon receiving it, we'll open it and produce a response performance/presentation based on the box we receive.

This project is open to ages 12-18 years, and will be conducted in TWO phases.

PHASE 1 - In the Box Workshop

8 Feb 2009
Sunday 1-5pm
National Art Gallery, KL (map)

This workshop will see participants filling in the box using various creative methods and exploration.

Participation is free, but registration is required! Call 012-369 2681 (Pat) or 012-976 0397 (Koon) or email nowhitespace@gmail.com to sign up. Easy peasy.

PHASE 2 - Workshops in March for the creation of performance based on the box from Harrogate

(details to be confirmed)

We are also on Facebook!

More about the project:

Project Connect

is a group of young emerging artists from various artistic backgrounds who continued as an independent collective after a year-long arts exchange programme, which comprised local training and development and a 3-week stint in the UK with York Theatre Royal, Pilot Theatre and Soho Theatre. They do workshops and have performed a series of devised cross-cultural performances in 2008 at York, London and the Big Youth Theatre Festival, which were also based on an exchange of boxes. The collective functions to create honest art and to use art as a tool for community work.

Harrogate Youth Theatre

is part of Harrogate Theatre, situated in Yorkshire, and is one of the largest and most respected youth theatre programmes in the UK. They run programmes, productions and workshops for young people aged 5-18 years and were recently chosen to perform at the National Theatre in London. The facilitator, Hannah Draper, is the theatre’s education and workshop leader, and has had experience with culture box exchanges.




We were supposed to perform while doing some activities but with the loud music coming from the main stage just below us, it was impossible. So we decorated the walls with our (famous) mahjong papers for people to scribble their thoughts.

And we did well!


the crowd - whoo hoo!


i fell in love with this huge beanbags. pat sedang merenung masa depan.

like it!

handwritten by fairuz sulaiman

i'm gonna create something like this on my wall


Before It All Looked Pretty


Photos of the art installation process.


Mega Weekend Alert!


Hey y'all

Just a little buzz to remind us all that something good is coming up this weekend. I've just returned home from a day holing up at Findars Space with the rest, rehearsing and sorting things out for Kotak Otak. We'll begin installing our art exhibit tomorrow and figuring out wiring and technical things.

We still have spaces for the workshop! So if you haven't made up your mind yet, make up now and send us an email pronto! The more the lebih meriah. For those of you who have signed up, we look forward to seeing you this Saturday :)

It's going to be a long day tomorrow. But it's all good.